Printed publications

Roots editie maart 2021

A shoot for Roots magazine about a short walk around the 'Stelling van Amsterdam', published in the March edition of 2021.

Wild Nature Diary 2020

This photo of a silver-studded blue was published in the Wild Nature Diary 2020 of the John Muir Trust. It is an absolutely beautiful diary filled with amazing images. Happy to see my image is in their homepage header!

Grip op Creativiteit - Bart Siebelink 2019

This image of two silver-studded blues was printed in the book 'Grip op Creativiteit' (in Dutch) by well-known photographer Bart Siebelink. I was very proud to be asked for this!

If you would like to order this book go to: 

I can highly recommend it!

De rugzak van Paulien - Natuurfotografie magazine editie 44 - nr 6 2019

An article about what I carry around in my backpack (yes, it is a lot) was published in 'Natuurfotografie magazine' nr 6, 2019. A part was about how to use a focusing rail in extreme macrophotography.

Roots Natuuragenda 2019

Every year Roots magazine organizes a photo contest. The 100 best images are printed in a beautiful diary. This image of a crocus was selected for the 2019 diary.

Orka's Langszij - Natuurfoto magazine editie 28 - feb/mrt 2017

In this edition I wrote an article about orca watching in Europe's North! In the winter orca follow the herring and you can see them in Iceland and Norway. Most of the images featured in the article I made on a trip to Iceland.

Roots Natuuragenda 2017

In 2017 three of my images were published in the Roots nature diary. The image of the dragonfly wing also won an award in the 2016 Roots photo contest.