About me

Ever since I was a little girl I had a deep passion for animals and nature. My grandfather took me for walks by a creek and used to tell me the names of all the plants that were growing there. At my parents’ house my mother fed the garden birds and I enjoyed watching them for hours. To nobody’s surprise I decided to study veterinary science to become a small animal veterinarian. During my years at university I also was a volunteer at the SOS Dolfijn foundation, a rescue centre for small cetaceans, where mostly harbour porpoises were rehabilitated. Here I further developed my passion for nature and wildlife. After I graduated in 2002 I worked in several small animal practices in the Netherlands. I loved working with pets, but when in 2012 the opportunity to work as a veterinarian in the Dolfinarium, a marine mammal park, presented itself I did not have to think twice.


Since several years my interest in nature photography has grown. In 2014 I decided to follow workshops called ‘the art of seeing’ with Theo Bosboom, one of the leading Dutch nature photographers. These workshops have really inspired and motivated me to take my photography to the next level. I love showing the beauty of our planet with photographs that surprise and inspire. I especially like landscape and macrophotography. I prefer colourful photographs as they make me feel happy and I hope they will have the same effect on other people.


In 2016 some changes in my professional career made me think about what else I wanted to do in my life. Maybe turning 40 also had something to do with it… I am still working as a marine mammal veterinarian but I have now also started my own company under the name Paulien Bunskoek Photography.


Doing the two things I like the best, feels like the perfect combination for me. Both reflect my love, passion and respect for our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants.


I hope that my website will bring a smile to your face!


Paulien Bunskoek