At the end of every month I will showcase a photo taken in that month. Slowly this page will become a diary of what I photograph throughout the seasons and years.

June 2021

Close to where I live there are a lot of mute swans that are used to people, so nice to take some portraits!

May 2021

During a short vacation to Twente, a beautiful area in the east of the Netherlands I took this image of gipsywort in a small fen.

April 2021

Underneath the magnolia trees. April is always a month with trees in blossom, like these magnolia trees.

March 2021

Going to the shore always provides you with nice photo opportunities! Like these cute little sanderlings digging for food. 

February 2021

In February we finally had some real winter weather, with snow and ice, and some real icicles at the stream in the local forest. I have really enjoyed this week!

January 2021

January was mostly grey and cloudy but there were a few mornings with some hoarfrost which really gives something extra to an intimate landscape like this.