Image of the month

At the end of every month I will showcase a photo taken in that month. Slowly this page will become a diary of what I photograph throughout the seasons and years.

April 2020

The butterflies are back! That always makes me very happy. Fortunately in the Netherlands we are still allowed to go outside despite the coronavirus crisis. Of course I follow the social distancing rules. These 2 orange tip butterflies have no social distancing rules and sleep together in the same plant and enjoy the sunrise.

March 2020

Spring has started! This is a close-up of the common but very beautiful daisy. I always love it when the petals have a pink edge like this one.

February 2020

The winter of 2019-2020 seemed more like a prolongation of autumn. But at the end of February there was one morning where there was a bit of snow. So I took the morning off and went to the Veluwe to enjoy the white world.

January 2020

Taken on a grey January day in a forest on the Veluwe, the Netherlands. There is a beautiful creek running through the forest and the trees are covered in bright green moss.